The lodging in the Hakuba Valley ranges from 5-star resort hotels to traditional Japanese inns. No matter your taste or budget, the Hakuba Valley can accommodate you.

  • Resort Hotels

    From 1 to 5 stars, the Hakuba Valley offers a range of western-style hotels sure to satisfy you.

  • Ryokan (Traditional Inns)

    These inns offer the quintessential traditional Japanese experience to travelers. Sleep on futon and tatami in one of the many Japanese-style inns. For those who prefer beds to futons, most inns can accommodate you.

  • Minshuku

    Minshuku are private residences that provide accommodation, much like a bed-and-breakfast. Usually traditional in style, minshuku are an excellent way to experience Japanese lodging on a budget.

  • Pensions

    The Hakuba Valley has a wide variety of these smaller boarding-house style establishments, many specialized for skiing and other mountain activities.

  • Cottages and Cabins

    For those with families, renting a cottage or cabin is a popular way to experience the Hakuba Valley. Feel at home and enjoy your stay without the worry of other guests.