The Salt-Road Festival (Shio-no-Michi Matsuri)

Hundreds of years ago, the precious commodity of salt was transported inland from the Sea of Japan. The route became known as the “Shio–no-Michi” (Salt Road), which has a long and deep history. Every year at the beginning of May, the locals celebrate this history with food and by dressing in traditional garb and walking the Salt Road from village to village. This festival is a rare glimpse into an older, traditional, rural way of life in Japan.

Hakuba Alps Hana-Zanmai (Flower Festival)

The high, clean air and snow-melt water bring forth an array of beautiful alpine vegetation. The Hakuba Alps Hana-Zanmai is the largest event of the summer, and there are areas throughout and around the Hakuba Valley where one can take in the celebrated flora.
The festival is held from July 1st until August 31st