Hot springs (Onsen)

The hot springs of Nagano are treasured throughout Japan as some of the best. Among the most famous, the Hakuba Valley’s hot springs are renowned for their strong alkaline waters which leave the skin soft and smooth. The hot springs have long been revered as a cure for ailments, as well as for their beautifying properties. A soak in a hot spring is one of the best ways to relax one’s body after a day in the mountains. We highly recommend that you experience this Japanese tradition under the backdrop of the Northern Alps.

Onsen Adventures

  1. I remember my first experience of going to an onsen. Not used to public nudity and unaccustomed to the rituals, I was nervous.
  2. But I didn’t need to be afraid. There are only two things to remember: make sure you wash and rinse off your body before you get into the water. And there are small towels to cover your ‘modesty’.
  3. So I fell in love. Not only with the healing and health benefits for body and soul, but also the experience of soaking outside in the snowy winter chatting to friendly Hakuba Valley locals - paradise!