• 8/3 - 9/30 : Adult99,800yen Child53,000yen
  • 10/1 - 11/30 : Adult118,800yen Child63,000yen
  • 12/1 - : Adult142,800yen Child77,000yen

2020-2021 HAKUBA VALLEY Early Bird Season Pass Information

Due to COVID-19, we are yet unsure when the travel restriction for foreign tourists to enter Japan will be eased, and its condition for entry is yet undetermined. Therefore, there is a chance where customers overseas who purchased 2020-2021 HAKUBA VALLEY Early Bird Season Pass (hereinafter “Season Pass”) might not be able to enter Japan as planned. Furthermore, if a purchaser overseas makes a cancellation beyond the online payment refundable period (i.e. within 90 days of purchase), the cancellation request will not be accepted, and the ticket will not be refunded. Considering the abovementioned situations, we have decided that, for Season 2020-2021, we will limit the sales of Season Pass to customers that currently resides in Japan only.

For those customers that reside in Japan, please proceed to purchase after confirming the following terms of purchase.

< Terms of Purchase >

Once payment is completed, Season Pass cannot be cancelled or refunded for any reasons at customer’s convenience as well as for reasons at the ski resorts, such as snow fall, snow accumulation, and slope conditions as well as changes to opening and closing day, opening hour, and operating periods.

However, if all the ski resorts at HAKUBA VALLEY are closed the whole winter due to COVID-19, the ticket will be refundable. Please note that, in such a case, various fees associated with refunding the ticket will be deducted from the price of Season Pass.

For Customers Who Reside in Japan:

  1. Please proceed to “Sales for Customers Residing in Japan” on this website.
  2. Please enter purchaser’s information and upload a face photo. The face photo will appear on your Season Pass.
  3. Please proceed to make a credit card payment.
  4. Once the purchaser’s information, photos and payment are confirmed, Season Pass will be issued and placed at the pick-up location you selected at the time of purchase. Please make sure that the purchaser him/herself comes in person to the location with a valid identification document to pick up during business hours.

For Customers Who Reside Outside of Japan:

Customers who reside outside of Japan can purchase the Season Pass by either of the following ways:
(1) Enter Japan and purchase the Season Pass at the selling price of the time.
(2) Make a reservation within the Early Bird sales period. Later, payment procedure will be sent to you by e-mail. This way, you will be able to purchase the Season Pass at the Early Bird discount price.

< Reservation Procedure >

  1. Please proceed to “Reservation of Purchase for Customers Residing Outside of Japan” on this website. An e-mail will be sent to you to confirm the reservation.
  2. During October or November, HAKUBA VALLEY Season Pass Office will send an email to notify the purchaser of the procedure to be taken.
  3. Please follow the instruction in the e-mail, and enter purchaser’s information, such as reservation number, name, date of birth, e-mail address, residential address etc., and upload the face photo to be used for your Season Pass.
  4. Please follow the payment instruction in the e-mail and make a payment by credit card.
    * To purchase at Early Bird discount price, reservation needs to be made during the Early Bird Sales Period (i.e. between August 1st, 2020 and September 30th, 2020). You will not be able to purchase at the discount price outside of that period.
    * Early Bird Sales Period will be according to Japan Standard Time.
    *It takes a certain amount of time after the payment to issue and deliver to the pick-up location, so please make sure to complete the purchase well in advance of arriving in Japan.

2020-2021 HAKUBA VALLEY Season Pass - Passholder’s Benefit

  • You may ski 10 individual snow resorts on one pass.
  • You can ride the shuttle bus for free.
    * Free ride of the shuttle bus is valid only the day of skiing.
  • Enjoy your long ski season from the beginning of the winter until early May.
  • Hakuba Valley All-Mountain season pass holders will receive 50 percent off then current lift ticket prices at all Vail Resorts owned and operated resorts.
    < For More Information >

2020-2021 HAKUBA VALLEY Season Pass holders are eligible to receive a discount at the following facilities. Please check the terms of use to receive the benefits.

Facility Service Details
Kashimayari Snow Resort Day Spa (Hot Spring) Central Plaza 1130 3rd Floor, Open-Air "Highland Spa":
Ski Resort Restaurant Central Plaza 1130 2nd Floor, "Red Cedar" Restaurant:
10% OFF for purchase of 1,000 JPY and above.
Blue Resort Hakuba Sanosaka Early Morning Lift Ticket Early Morning (6:00 - 8:00 am) Lift Ticket at 2nd & 3rd Lift:
Free of Charge *specified day only.
ABLE Hakuba Goryu Day Spa (Hot Spring) "Ryujin no Yu" Hot Spring:
Adult 650 JPY --> 550 JPY, Child 350 JPY --> 250 JPY
Rental Shop Gear Rental Set: 5,000 JPY --> 4,500 JPY
Hakuba Happo-one Snow Resort Day Spa (Hot Spring) "Happo Onsen" Hot Spring:
Adult 800 JPY --> 700 JPY, Child 400 JPY --> 300 JPY
"Mimizuku no Yu", "Obinata no Yu", "Sato no Yu" Hot Springs:
Adult 650 JPY --> 550 JPY, Child 300 JPY --> 200 JPY
Ski Resort Restaurant 5% OFF at the following locations:
- Sun Terrace Panorama
- Kitaone Terrace
- "Cafeteria Yeti", "Ramen CHA-CHA", "USAGIDAIRA CAFÉ", "Karuizawa Primo" in Usagidaira Terrace"
Tsugaike Kogen Snow Resort - TSUGAIKE Original Sticker for Free
Hakuba Iwatake Snow Field Restaurant SKYARK DECK CAFÉ: 5% OFF
Iwatake-no-Yu Hot Spring Adult 600 JPY --> 500 JPY, Child 300 JPY --> 250 JPY
Cat Ski Tour 5% OFF
Hakuba Norikura Onsen Snow Resort Day Spa (Hot Spring) Hakuba Alps Hotel - Day Spa:
Adult 800 JPY --> 700 JPY, Child: 600 JPY --> 500 JPY
Hakuba Cortina Snow Resort Day Spa (Hot Spring) Oku Hakuba Hot Spring "Hakuba Cortina Bijin no Yu":
Adult 1,000 JPY --> 900 JPY, Child 500 JPY --> 400 JPY
Restaurant Alps 100 JPY OFF from the amount spent
Restaurant Azumino 100 JPY OFF from the amount spent.
Jiigatake Snow Resort Running & Cycling Station at .BASE OMACHI (Dot Base Omachi) User fee: 100 JPY OFF
Restaurant 10% OFF at Jiigatake Echo House Restaurant
SPICY Rental Shop 5% OFF at the following shops:
- SPICY Happo
- SPICY Echo Land
- SPICY Wadano
- SPICY Iwatake
- SPICY Tsugaike
HAKUBA TOKYU HOTEL Hotel Discount (Weekday only) 5% OFF for direct booking to the hotel by phone or on the official website *Weekdays only
Hakuba Mominoki Hotel Hotel Discount (Weekday only) 5% OFF for direct booking to the hotel by phone or on the official website *Weekdays only
COURTYARD BY MARRIOTT HAKUBA Hotel Discount (Weekday only) 5% OFF for direct booking to the hotel by phone or on the official website *Weekdays only
Hakuba Highland Hotel Hotel Discount (Weekday only) 5% OFF for direct booking to the hotel by phone or on the official website *Weekdays only
Day Spa (Hot Spring) 100 JPY OFF at "Tenjin no Yu" for Day Spa
Hotel Hakuba Hotel Discount (Weekday only) 5% OFF for direct booking to the hotel by phone or on the official website *Weekdays only
Hakuba Resort Hotel La Neige Higashikan Hotel Discount (Weekday only) 5% OFF for direct booking to the hotel by phone or on the official website *Weekdays only

( As of 8/25, 2020 )

< Terms of Use >

  • The benefits are available only for the person whose name is appeared on the Season Pass. Others or any person accompanying the passholder are not eligible for the discount.
  • To receive the benefits, please make sure to present the 2020-2021 HAKUBA VALLEY Season Pass at the shop. In order to receive the benefits at accommodation facilities, please inform the facility of the discount at the time of booking and present the pass at the time of visit. Please note that discount will not be granted after the payment. Also, discounts are not available without presenting the pass.
  • The benefits are available during 2020-2021 Season operating period only, which is expected to be between December 2020 and May 2021. Please note that opening and closing days may vary due to snowfall, slope conditions, and other reasons.
  • The discount using the Season Pass at each facility cannot be combined with other discount.
  • This discount benefit may change or terminate without notice. Please check this website for the updated information.


PRICE 8/3 - 9/30Adult 99,800 yen, Child 53,000 yen
10/1 - 11/30Adult 118,800 yen, Child 63,000 yen
12/1 -Adult 142,800 yen, Child 77,000 yen
*Adult is defined as 13+. Child is defined as 6-12. 5 and under can ski free.
PERIOD OF USE From the beginning until the end of the 2020-2021 winter season.
  • Please apply online and fill in the necessary details.
    * Please note that the photo upload will not be valid if size is incorrect. See specifications below on our online system flow chart.
  • The application will be completed once payment has been confirmed.
  • We only accept credit card payment.
  • Please agree to the season pass terms and conditions by ticking the box below.
  • We are unable to issue a receipt for online applications. Please use your confirmation email.
Pass Collection
  • It takes approximately 5 days to issue after the purchase is confirmed. Kindly be advised to apply in advance of the day you wish to collect.
  • It can be picked up in person at the location you select.
Enquiries HAKUBA VALLEY Season Pass Office
Email: seasonpass@hakubavalley.com

Please read below carefully and confirm before purchase.

Hakuba Rules

  • “No Skiing Zones” are areas where very dangerous avalanches are easily triggered. These areas are off limits. Violators will lose their lift privileges.
    * The Ski Patrol will occasionally enter “No Skiing Zones” to conduct safety checks and do avalanche control work.
  • Passing beyond boundary ropes, nets, and signs is strictly prohibited. We ask guests to observe all posted signs and warnings, and to follow the instructions of the Ski Patrol.
  • The mountains beyond ski area borders are National Park land, and not managed by the ski areas. Venturing outside ski area boundaries in winter is extremely dangerous.
  • Any accident outside ski area boundaries that requires the search and rescue efforts of the Ski Patrol or the Kita-Alps Northern Mountain Safety Bureau will be at the full expense of the individual(s) requiring assistance.
  • All guests must follow the instructions of Ski Patrol and other authorities both within and outside the ski area.
  • It is the responsibility of all guests to consider not only their own safety, but also the safety of others, at all times.

Terms of Use

  1. It takes up to five days to issue your Season Pass (hereinafter “Pass”) after the payment is confirmed. Kindly be advised to apply well in advance. Please note that the Pass cannot be issued on the day of purchase.
  2. Please note that no cancellation or refund will be accepted once the payment is complete. In addition, no reimbursement will apply even when the usable period becomes shorter than usual due to lack of snow or other reasons.
  3. The Pass is valid at the following 10 ski resorts:
    Jiigatake Snow Resort, Kashimayari Snow Resort, Hakuba Sanosaka Ski Resort, ABLE Hakuba Goryu, Hakuba47 Winter Sports Park, Hakuba Happo-one Snow Resort, Hakuba Iwatake Snow Field, Tsugaike Kogen Ski Resort, Hakuba Norikura Onsen Ski Resort, Hakuba Cortina Ski Resort
  4. The Pass is valid in 2020-2021 snow season, from the opening day (expected in December 2020) through to the closing day (expected between March 2021 and May 2021) of each ski resort mentioned above. However, kindly note that the opening day, closing day, and opening hour may vary or become shortened due to snow condition, slope condition or other reasons.
  5. The Pass is valid only for the purchaser, and it is not allowed to be used by any other person. (An ID card with the purchaser’s name and photo will be issued.) Please note that violation of the rules will result in an immediate invalidation and confiscation regardless of the reason.
  6. For the following 9 ski resorts, you may directly scan your Pass at the ticket gate:
    Kashimayari, Hakuba Sanosaka, ABLE Hakuba Goryu, Hakuba47, Hakuba Happo-one, Hakuba Iwatake, Tsugaike, Hakuba Norikura, Hakuba Cortina.
    For Jiigatake, you will need to exchange your Pass for the Jiigatake Ski Resort ticket at the ticket window.
  7. The Pass is not valid for night skiing and any other activities at ski resorts that require an additional payment.
  8. As an IC chip is embedded in the Pass, please handle it carefully. In the even of loss or if the gate sensor does not detect the Pass due to damage, 5,000 yen will be charged as reissuance fee, and it will take several days to reissue the Pass.
  9. Purchaser’s personal information (purchaser’s name, ID number) will be provided to Vail Resorts due to the discount ticket purchase service at the resort owned and operated by Vail Resorts. Personal information provided will only be used for identity verification to issue the ticket.
  10. We may send an advertisement e-mail to the address you provided at the time of purchase.
    *If you do not wish to receive such an e-mail, please unsubscribe from the link provided within the email.

FAQ Frequently Asked Questions

  • When can I use the Season Pass in 2020-2021?
    This pass is valid for use the entire ski season from the beginning in late November until early May in 2021 (snow conditions dependent).
    < Find out more about the resort >
  • How can I purchase the Season Pass?
    You can only purchase the pass online.
    Please prepare photo data in advance as you will need to upload an image to successfully complete the online purchase.
  • What is the method of payment?
    Settlement of payment is by credit card only.
    For further enquiries please contact our administration office via this email: seasonpass@hakubavalley.com

Act on Specified Commercial Transactions

Sales business operator Daihoku Lift Company Association
(HAKUBA VALLEY Promotion Board)
Representative Hikaru Takanashi
Address 6329-1 Hokujo, Hakuba, Kitaazumi, Nagano 399-9301 Japan
Contact Hakuba Valley Season Pass Office
E-mail seasonpass@hakubavalley.com
Sales price Shown on the product details page. (displayed prices include tax)
Method of Payment Credit card
Period of use From the date of pass collection until the end of the season.
*Depending on products, the period of use may be limited. For details, please refer to the product detail page.
Cancellations As a rule, we cannot accept returned goods once the purchase has been confirmed.
When purchasing a product, please purchase after checking the contents of the selected product thoroughly.